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Dec 20, 2023

Breaking the Mold - How Boston's Next Iconic Tower Redefines Development

Four Pillars: what they are, what they mean, and what we did towards each.

    1. 1. Economic Viability: the creation of a landmark development that could achieve proper financing while also supporting the remaining pillars of the development.

      10 World Trade’s remarkable architecture flips a typical building model on its head, literally. The floor sizes increase as the building gets taller, so public space is maximized at the ground levels while the top floors – which have the best views in town – are the largest and most usable.

    2. 2. Sustainability: demonstrating an environmentally conscious approach to design, construction, and management of the development project.

      10 World Trade is committed to achieving gold or platinum status from at least five certifications: LEED, WELL, SITES, WiredScore, and SmartScore. At every opportunity, the building is leveraging the most cutting edge technology to reinforce tried and true sustainable practices for the betterment of the environment and the individual.

    3. 3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: a commitment to the practice of seeking out opportunities for meaningful participation and representation from historically marginalized demographic groups, particularly women and people of color.

      10 World Trade is a case study for successful DE&I practices. The Project has more diverse ownership interest than any other commercial development of its class, which sets the tone for a diverse roster of design and construction teams that exceed the commitments of the development. Currently, the Project celebrates approximately 15% minority ownership, with 20% of design and construction contracts held by women and/or minority-owned businesses.

    4. 4. Public Realm: the creation of spaces that are welcoming, engaging, and accessible to the public.

      10 World Trade reaches well beyond the traditional curb line to create approximately 2-acres of new outdoor public realm connecting World Trade Center Avenue down to Congress Street. The building itself welcomes visitors from the outside in, with dramatic archways and operable glass walls through which affordable and healthy dining options accompany cultural activations and an inspiring, sustainable indoor environment.


[John Hynes IV, Boston Global Investors] -  "What set the framework for 10 World trade as a development comes from Massport's, RFP Back in 2018, there were four pillars through which every team had to kind of grade themselves and submit under, and those were obviously economic performance, secondly, to excel in environmental sustainability, three, to raise the bar for diversity, equity, and inclusivity beyond anything Boston had seen before. and then lastly is to enhance the public realm."



[Cornelia de Boinville, EDGE Technologies] - "The reaction when I first saw the design was just the scale of this building. It's of real significance, but that has also enabled us to increase the amount it's of real significance, but that has also enabled us to increase the amount of amenity, increase the amount of parkland right on the doorstep, and it's really enabled us to elevate this building into a category of its own.

When we talk about sustainability, we are not just talking about the environment, we're also talking about the community that these buildings are sitting within. Once 10 World Trade is built, it's gonna be the smartest and most sustainable building in Boston."



[Donald Cogsville, Cogsville Capital Group] - "So an exciting part of the development is bringing historically, sort of non-included, if you will, investors, women and minorities, into a very central role in the process of building the capital stack to actually even get this development done."



[John Hynes III, Boston Global Investors] - "When this RFP was responded to, we assembled what I thought was a great composition of talent and skills, and it fits the bill that Massport was looking for. 33% of our equity is coming in from minority investors. So the total composition of minority investment dollars is now at $30 million for this project."



[Donald Cogsville, Cogsville Capital] - "The state of Massachusetts, Massport authority, notably, and the city of Boston, had been well ahead of the curve in terms of putting together a syndicate of minority and women-owned investors, that could participate in a project like this. I believe it's a model that other cities and states have now started to follow."



[Gosder Cherilus, Bastion Companies] -  "I'm glad to say I'm a part of this. You know, in 10, 15 years from now, I can bring my family, my kids. You know what? We took on a beautiful challenge. We did it the right way. I'm glad that we deliver to Massport and the community, some of the things that were promised early on."



[John Hynes IV, Boston Global Investors] -  "By the time 10 World Trade is done, it'll be unlike anything else in the market.

One of the things I think that amazes me about projects like this is just the amount of time it takes, you know, designing and permitting this project through a pandemic and through a fiercely competitive market. This project has really seen it all. It's been through the ringer, and it's never sacrificed any of its integrity along the way. In fact, quite the opposite, we've doubled down at every opportunity to deliver something even better, than what we initially set out to build."



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