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Oct 13, 2023

Boston Claims East Coast's First Double Platinum Smart Building



The Future Is Smart


Boston, MA - October 2023.

10 World Trade has officially claimed SmartScore Platinum Certification, making it the first in the eastern United States to have double Platinum status from both SmartScore and WiredScore.

The project was one of only a handful of buildings globally to join SmartScore's pilot program, and is still only one of 69 buildings in the world awarded the designation to date.

SmartScore is the real estate industry's leading smart building certification for properties that demonstrate a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and management practices to optimize building performance and deliver an exceptional user experience. SmartScore buildings are ranked on the comprehensive strength of technological design and their ability to deliver optimal spaces for occupants to collaborate, innovate, and communicate efficiently.

If walls could talk, then 10 World Trade's can carry a conversation. The entire building is wrapped in View Smart Windows, a transformative glazing system that leverages artificial intelligence, smart sensor technology, and a user-friendly application to customize the level of transparency of the glass. It even has the capability to serve as a personal computer screen that can run virtual meetings, tell you the weather, or order you a ride-share on voice command. Additional smart features of the building include:

  • An institutional-grade Distributed Antenna System (DAS), providing unlimited capacity for an Internet of Things (IOT) ecosystem throughout the building, and ensuring you'll never drop a phone call on an elevator;
  • A building-wide network of smart sensors that provide the building management team with advanced and preemptive analytics to enhance operational efficiency and associated costs; and
  • A tenant-focused building app that streamlines the security access process, provides a digital resource for health and wellness programs, and enhances tenant engagement through a customizable interactive calendar and booking system for the building's wealth of amenitized spaces and programming activations.

"We've been working towards a future-proof building for several years now, which isn't always easy as technology evolves so quickly these days, " says Shalagh Cronin, head of marketing for BGI, the project's lead developer. "But we're confident that this project goes above and beyond anything else in the market here in Boston, and that the modern tenant will really be amazed at the limitless potential a building like this can give them."


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